This is Why I'm Still Single

In this page I list the thousands upon thousands why I (maybe even yourself or someone you know) am still single.

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Serious dating tip

Stop taking shit so seriously, I’m serious.

Serious seriousness can seriously make you seem unfun.

Seriously. It’s fucked up if you can’t attract someone when you’re trying and you’re serious about it.

On an unrelated but serious note

It’s really difficult to find extra small condoms.

Then again, I probably should look at finger cots.

Also, try this for an insult:

Your dick is so small, you need a thimble as a chastity cage.

It wasnt through email

But I sent this girl a picture of my diiiiick

I don’t know what it is with females

but I’m not so good with that shiiiiit

Reason # 10 Fap fap fap

It feels great, what can I say?

Is this shit really not moving, tho?

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