This is Why I'm Still Single

In this page I list the thousands upon thousands why I (maybe even yourself or someone you know) am still single.

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It wasnt through email

But I sent this girl a picture of my diiiiick

I don’t know what it is with females

but I’m not so good with that shiiiiit

Reason # 10 Fap fap fap

It feels great, what can I say?

Is this shit really not moving, tho?

Didn’t even know what number it was

Reason # 9 I don’t give a fuck what number it is

Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey

Long Island Iced Teas

Jameson and Ginger

There may be more, but I love a considerable amount of cutesy boozes

rip my liver

Reason # 8 “Enjoying being single”


But at the end of the day it’s just me and my girlfriend(s)

Some posts will be depressing, btw, this is just neutral, sorry peeps

I'm just gonna share this because it's fuckin nice →

Just sharing some bootyhole tingling sounds for your ears.

Wait for the drop…

Reason # 6 I’m Picky

Reasonable. Everyone is picky. It’s what makes us the species we are. The difference with me is that my specs aren’t too complex. Is it so hard to get with a woman who doesn’t just want to sit there and take it? That plus being attractive + attracted to me?

Reason # 5 PMS

I know, it sounds sexist, but hear me out. I mean this to include the guy variant of PMS as well. Back to the point here, whenever I hear stories from women about them PMSing, I just feel like:

Bullet Dodged

Little Disclaimer

I won’t know what number a reason is in regards to why I’m still single.

But fuck you if you get up in arms about that.

Also that’s reason number 3 as to why I’m still single; I don’t keep track of numbers too well.

Get @ me qts ;D

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